Students Engaged in Active Leadership (SEAL) Team


Our Student Leadership Team (SEAL) is made up of 9-12 grade students who desire to take their Christian walk to the next level! Those serving on SEAL will be challenged to maintain a disciplined Christian life/lifestyle. In order to be a part of, and remain on, the SLT students are expected to maintain a level of at least 75% faithfulness in attendance and daily time spent with God (daily quiet times). They will also serve a minimum of 2 times a month in the Student Ministry by helping lead or organize: worship, games, a/v, missions, etc. If you are a high school student and are interested in being a part of SEAL, please see Adam!


SEAL operates on 3 key leadership principles:

  1. Leadership begins at the feet of Jesus

Your walk with the Lord ought to take priority and be evident in your own life. Above all else, Spiritual leadership is the #1 factor to be considered for the team (takes precedence over ability/willingness to serve).

  1. Leaders are servants

Your love of others and willingness to serve your church, community and fellow students is the 2nd factor in being considered for the team.

  1. Leaders are responsible

We need to know that we can rely on you to be present and prepared to serve in whatever capacity you may be assigned (without bring reminded). This also means that you are honest with yourself and with your team about whether you feel you have the time/desire to commit to all that is expected of you (consider all of your extra-curricular activities/involvements in the upcoming school-year before applying).



  • Attend SEAL planning meetings (usually 4th Sunday)
  • Attend weekly discipleship meetings (likely Sun @4pm)
  • 75% Participation in local missions outreach events
  • 75% faithfulness in weekly personal devotions
  • 75% faithfulness in attendance
  • Participate minimum of 2x/month in youth service


NOTE: SEAL Team membership is required for students to attend Student Leadership University (SLU) programs!


Student Leadership University


SLU 101 // Orlando, FL:

Take the leap and get a head start on the future at SLU 101, an exciting, hands-on week where students begin their leadership journey. At SLU 101, students gain vision through exciting and unique experiences that change the way they think, dream and lead. You can find out more at

SLU 201 // Washington, D.C.: In the heart of our Nation’s Capital, students are challenged to think about their responsibility to shape their society while considering how a Christian worldview speaks into today’s moral and ethical questions. As students experience Washington, D.C. in a never-before-seen way, they are equipped to lead in the larger context of culture. You can find out more at
SLU 301 // Europe: The leadership journey continues deeper into history as students traverse Europe, learning to think bigger about the world. As students experience the sacrifices made in the past and consider the worldviews of great philosophers who have paved the way, they learn that leaders are called to shape history and leave a legacy for Jesus that is larger than themselves. You can find out more at

SLU 101

SLU 201

SLU 301